Large experience for the performing of engineering and mounting works, executing technological infrastructure works on demand, contemplating the repair, adaptation and / or updating of existing or new installations. Works include structured cabling, Closed Video Systems (CCTV), access controls, building control systems and telemetry

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Design of datacenters according to the requirements (Tier 1 to 4), considering network engineering, the electrical part (generators and UPS), fire protection systems, room cooling, structured cabling, access security and adaptation of racks

Within our service is the evaluation, together with the client, of the type of Datacenter to be provided to establish the characteristics and levels of redundancy in the electrical, thermomechanical, building, wiring and communications aspects among others. Once the equipment to be installed and its capacity for future growth have been established, the refrigeration, access control and connectivity systems are defined to finally perform the calculations of electricity consumption and thus contemplate the generators and UPS necessary to complete the design of the infrastructure

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Provision, calculation memories and assembly of all types of structures for installation of radio equipment, this includes self-supporting towers, bracing masts, posts, monopostes, etc.

Development of detailed engineering for the assembly of complete sites, including provision of shelters, civil works necessary for site assembly, leveling of land, implementation of perimeter fences, preparation of stalls with their calculation memories, installation and provision of alternative energies.

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Installation and deploying of FO cables in terminals and certified oil plants in classified areas. Extensive experience in fusion and FO cabling certification.

We have a workshop specialized in the realization of telemetry boards, access control and energy, among others.

Electrical calculations, feeder sizing for high performance sites with commissioning of safe energy systems, UPS, rectifiers, generator sets.

Assembly and distribution of industrial access control systems and in classified areas.

Commissioning and installation of CCTV systems for closed circuit, patent reader, thermal and video analytics.

Extensive development in underground ducting systems for Core sites with their corresponding inspection chambers, with extensive machinery reducing implementation time.

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