Cloud solutions represent a new business service delivery model. Based on a technological model that allows adapted and on-demand network access to a catalog of standardized services and responding with them to the needs of the business, in a flexible and adaptive way in case of unforeseeable demands or work peaks, which can be quickly provisioned and released with a strong cutting off management efforts.

Some remarkable features of cloud computing are as follows:
• To be a service available automatically and on demand mode.
• Access through the network: Resources are grouped in pools in a multi-tenancy model
• Elasticity. It is a new concept related to the cloud and that takes the concept of scalability to the extreme, since the resources of the cloud user can fastly grow and decrease according to their needs.

You can rely on Technology Bureau to implement an end-to-end solution, with highly integrated access, storage, desktop and mobile technologies for cloud services.
Technology Bureau solutions provide a cloud platform for businesses in an efficient, open and easy to configure manner. Through the automatic implementation of an elastic infrastructure, Cloud solutions offer businesses, agile and on-demand IT services in a variety of cloud types, including private, hybrid, desktop, video and cloud “all-in-one” platforms “(Hyperconvergence). These versatile options address current business challenges and promote digital transformation.
Cloud computing promoted by the Technology Bureau has served more than 4,000 customers in 144 countries and regions in the telecommunications, government, energy, finance, manufacturing, media, health and education sectors.

Private cloud
Cloud Stack is a Huawei full-stack hybrid cloud solution that leverages the perfect combination of cloud computing and big data technologies to provide clustering resources and full-stack cloud services.
It offers state-of-the-art solutions in a wide variety of cloud migration scenarios, including the most important applications, data services and innovative businesses, as well as the deployment of applications in a hybrid cloud environment. Due to being able to meet customer’s needs across a wide variety of industries, Huawei’s Cloud Stack drives the digital transformation of industrial customers.

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Technology Bureau has an important portfolio of security Solutions to protect both Traditional Networks or Virtualized Networks in the Cloud.

These solutions can provide protection against cyberattacks to:

– End users
– Internal assets
– Mobile devices

Through the following ways:

– Detection of hidden risks
– Stopping unknown threats
– Isolating possible infected systems

Enhaced Safety for data, applications and client services: tool to delete user data, administration of encrypted data at levels with updated keys in a timely manner, virtualization antivirus software, default high availability capability for administration nodes.
Full backup and disaster recovery Solution. Antivirus without agents with integrated strategy and simple + flexible configurations. Data encryption at entire disk to ensure user data security. Fully Standard compliance with internationally recognized TPM 2.0 and other well-known standards.

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There are different ways to perform data storage for every single need, and something similar applies to information backups.

Our task is to select the best Solution that can suit every Customer’s specific needs.

Currently, there are several solutions: All Flash Products, Hybrid Systems, Cloud Storage and Virtualized Storage Systems, with their management systems and associated networks:

High-end All-Flash storage created for mission-critical business, with smart chips, NVMe architecture and FlashLink® smart algorithms. They are equipment designed by Huawei, which provide a consistent latency of 0.5 msec., which allow to meet the most demanding service requirements, with the highest performance in the industry and 99.9999% availability.

• The new generation of mid-range flash storage Hybrid Systems that provide reliable and efficient data services for businesses. Solution that has a cloud-ready operating system, flash-based performance and smart management software that provides excellent levels of functionality, performance, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. It satisfies the OLTP / OLAP data storage requirements of large databases, cloud computing and many other applications, making it a perfect choice for the government, finance, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.

Multi-level convergence: The convergence of SAN and NAS, heterogeneous storage systems and main and reserve storage (contingency) allows to double the efficiency of the system. As it is a convergent solution that works in active / active mode and without a gateway, it guarantees the stable operation of the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Smart services: the hybrid storage systems provided by Technology Bureau adopt eService, to support the intelligent management of devices during the entire life cycle (planning, design, operations and maintenance), and accelerates the transformation towards company Cloud through Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

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Let’s virtualize your company’s desks by using an end-to-end solution based on servers that improve control and ease of management, reducing the total cost of ownership, improving security and protecting each user’s information.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides Windows or Linux virtual desktops based on server virtualization technologies.

Thanks to the Thin Client, laptops and smartphones, users can access virtual desktops anytime they wish, anywhere they are and can use the applications more conveniently and securely.

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Those documents that have been created with data, voice, video, images, which have been sent, received, saved, activated, modified, are the single pieces that all together represent your own and unique system of information and operation.

For the processing of each of them there is a Server according to the needs.

The equipments universe offers from small servers, or hyperconvergent systems, to mission-critical servers.

At Technology Bureau we take care of selecting and offering the best data processing Solution that suits Customer’s needs. We specialize in selecting the suitable hardware and software for each specific need.

The intense development of information technology prints in companies dedicated to it the need for the best experts in computing, administration, artificial intelligence (AI), storage and central network processors to create intelligent full stack solutions that cover a wide range of Cloud-edge-devices scenarios.

In Technology Bureau we have highly trained and permanently updated professionals in the great international centers of technological development, which allow us to offer, install and maintain the products and solutions of Processing Systems that offer an unmatched computing capacity to encourage the intelligent transformation of Data centers and traditional industries, leading the way forward to achieve a fully connected and intelligent world.

The hyperconverged infrastructure proposed by Technology Bureau offers processing, storage, networking, virtualization and management functions in a highly integrated package that allows simultaneously to have high performance, low latency and fast implementations.

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The Virtualization Solutions Set proposed by Technology Bureau includes, among others: Server Virtualization Products, Cloud Management Software, Backup & Disaster Recovery Software and also System Operation Insight (SOI) Software.

Let’s virtualize your hardware resources, allowing you to centrally manage both virtualized and hardware resources. It also provides basic backup and disaster recovery capabilities, heterogeneous resource group management, light operations, cloud services, infrastructure visualization, performance management and other capabilities.

Agility and high efficiency
The optimized functions improve the use of servers and the efficiency of Operations and Maintenance. The solution reduces IT operating costs and improves the hardware utilization rate from 5-15% to 60-80% or even more, with no negative impact on service performance.
Fast implementation of highly efficient Operations and Maintenance applications and tasks. Full migration capacity of the services.

High performance
Performance in continuous improvement that achieves new CPU records in SPECvirt tests. Excellent virtualization performance that is among the top places in the SPECvirt test ranking. Superior virtualization platform that offers performance comparable to that of physical servers.

We offer a full range of software products and services, as follows:

– Cloud computing
– Middleware
– Operating systems
– Storage
– Virtualization
– Management

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