Connectivity through the use of Microwave does fix infinite quantity of topographic, urban or site issues of an unknown nature. It is the ideal technology to fix these cases. We do specialize in each of the different types of wireless link systems, developed by brands that have been selected internationally by the largest providers of connectivity solutions in the composition of their networks, either with licensed and unlicensed band links.

Our team of professionals covers the entire network deployment process, from the initial survey, the feasibility analysis, the link calculation, the pre-engineering, the management of frequency licenses to the corresponding agencies (ENACOM), the provision of selected radio hardware, installation and commissioning.

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We work on the design of wireless communications solutions, from simple deployments to large intelligent infrastructures in order for the user to enjoy excellent connectivity quality that allows it to activate the application he wants in place.

Our clients in this line cover a wide range of activities. From achieving open-air connectivity for large masses of people for example in mega festivals, sporting events, traditional parties, public walks, squares, urban centers, to also implement it inside large closed buildings, such as hospitals, sanatoriums, banks, supermarkets, airports, state agencies and of course, in corporations.

We have a customized solution for each specific case. And proven experience in public events.

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The technology that allows to transport large packets of information, thanks to the bandwidth it uses.

It is the ideal link used by those companies with large volumes of information, communications service operators and content providers, where the quality of the expected reception has to be first class. Only then will it be possible to maintain customer loyalty.

We install FTTx systems for the access areas of optical networks. And for large distances we install DWDM systems, among a wide range of options.

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How does technology get to our place? Through the Access networks, which have been evolving over time thanks to the different means of transport: copper, coax and fiber optics depending on the need to respond to the demand of end customers for the reception of services each provider hires.

Currently, the latest xDSL CPE modem router devices reach speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s and the potential alternatives to the subscriber loop are located at cable or fiber optics networks.

We have a wide range of CPE devices that are suitable to provide multiple arrival services to the subcriber’s home, in different types of access networks, such as VDSL2, GPON, HFC CableModem and Set-top-box (STB).

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Networking is the communications network that connects people with their computer equipment, their telephones, their telemetry equipment, printers, security circuits and all other elements, equipment, hardware or software that each entity or client wishes incorporate into their own communications network.

Infinite design possibilities, connecting people working in their offices, or performing tasks on public roads, in sites, remote offices, home offices, or business travelers. Each and every one communicated with each other, with voice, data, video, images.

We work on the custom design of the client’s infrastructure, providing and installing the equipment that makes up its own data network. Therefore, the equipment to be deployed can range from SDN smart networks, MPLS networks, with synchronous transmission capacity and multiple protocols.

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