Technology Bureau is a corporation that provides integrated technology solutions in the area of ​​multimedia telecommunications in several Latin American countries. Since our founding in 1991 and based on our corporate values​​, we have developed partnership relationships with our customers and with major international technology corporations, allowing us the development of the market and our projects. At the same time, TB is responsible for services such asengineering, supply, installation, maintenance and support, product access, transmission, switching, networking, security and management tools, and network management.

TB is known for its wide variety of customers throughout the country and Latin America. Operators Fixed, Mobile ISP and carriers, ISP, Cooperative Sector, Companies, and the government sector are the types of clients that the company provides its sevice.

We have grown and will continue with the support of their staff. Technology Bureau currently has a staff of expierenced professionals recognized in complex projects and a large desire for personal growth.